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Right… so I only fairly recently setup my first blog,, but I’ve already decided trying to write anything about code (or at least trying to write a post containing code snippets) was completely useless with the Blogspot software. So I thought I would setup something I can control myself, that way when nothing works I only have myself to blame.

I’ve started by moving over my post on Recursive many-to-many Associations in Rails. Also incidentally the post that completely drained my will to live by forcing me to hand convert all my HTML to Blogspot’s interesting perspective on what HTML should look like, and then repeatedly losing various changes due to Blogspot kindly “correcting” what I had written… grrr.

WordPress + Syntax Highlighter Evolved seem to come close enough to fulfilling my needs for now, and when I get fed up again at least this time I can just sit down and hack at code until it does what I actually want (yay open source).

Right at the moment I have nothing else to say except welcome.