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My Falco's Suicidal Side Stand

Once upon a time I baught a Falco

It took me to see a waterfall

in Toora

I parked it against a tree

I spotted windmills

and it took me there too

I parked it against a dumpster

I went to see a friend

I parked it against a pole

I went home and parked it against that too

I don’t understand why Aprilia would make such a great bike and then almost ruin it by putting far too much of it on the wrong side of the stand… but they did

fortunately I made mine a hybrid and now it stands on its own

Yeh, that’s my story.

P.s. for those who actually want technical information…

I swapped out the stock stand for one off a Honda CBR 1100 Blackbird. If you attempt this be prepared to completely and utterly disable the side stand kill switch.