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Git Stash That Won't Make You Hate Yourself in the Morning

Git has a feature called stash that lets drop whatever you’re working on and put the working directory back to a clean state without having to commit or lose whatever deltas you had.

This is a great idea, but it’s sorely missing one core feature for anyone who works on more than one machine - the ability synchronise the stashes between machines, so if you’re like me (I work on the same code on up to about 4 individual machines in a week) you probably want some way to move stashes around.

So I’ve started git-rstash, as usual it’s written in terrible bash in the hope that someone will take enough offence at it to take the whole problem off my hands, in the mean time maybe you’ll find it useful too.

For the moment synchronising them is purely up to the user, but they are conveniently placed where the user can drop them in whatever cloud-syncy-like thing they’re already using (Unison, Ubuntu One, Dropbox, etc).