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Why My Phone Is the Best Thing Ever

Today I locked myself out of the house, bugger. I made a few calls and found out that my sister had a key and was happy to drop it off, phew. I waited patiently knowing that my saviour was only 15 minutes away.

This was a fairly standard use of a phone, you know making calls and talking to people.

The only problem was when my sister arrived, the key didn’t actually work!

Argh, I’m in a new city walking around in shoes that are only designed for riding a push bike (I recently upgraded to cleats and my bike was locked up with the only key being inside the house as well)… what am I going to do?

Being a nerd I pulled out my phone and googled for an answer, and I found it!

I found a bobby pin on the ground and after a few minutes of work shaping the metal and a couple more minutes trying and re-reshaping the metal, I didn’t get the shape remotely right the first time, I was in! Actually, once I knew what I was doing and had the shape of the pick right I was in scarily quickly (about 15 seconds of actual lock picking).

Woo hoo!

That’s not the only reason my phone is currently the most useful thing I own. Navigating a city I barely know is hard at the best of times. Having a built in GPS means I often seem to find my way around better than some of the locals :). Plus having google maps in my pocket always makes it easy to find somewhere to eat, the nearest ATM or whatever else I’m looking for.

Also my phone takes pictures when I’m out and about and don’t have a camera, or just can’t be bothered finding the actual camera. Like taking a picture of my home made lock picks.


I can also play music, read books (PDFs), read my email, check my calendar, message friends and if I’m feeling really desperate talk to someone.

I wonder what my phone will do tomorrow?